Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quan & Kai - June 2010

Quan recently went for an art trial and he was put to a 30 mins test. First the teacher asked him to draw an orange and color it. he tried and colored it without coloring out of the boundary too much. Looking at it I was quite proud that he is doing fine ... cos he seldom color properly at home. Then next I saw the teacher asking him to color another orange and drew some strokes for him to guide him. A while later I came back into the room and saw a vv nice orange with different shades. I was vv impressed and Quan said he did it without much help.

The next assessment was to let him follow whatever the teacher drew on the whiteboard and Quan managed to follow it reallly well. i was super duper impressed with the output too. Perhaps the kids will listen to teachers better than mommy. It was one of the best art piece that I had seen ..... i was almost on the verge of framing it up.

I hope to send him in for the classes soon.

As for Kai ....
He's able to follow our words quite well ...
Things he normally says
1. Can you help me? *in a vv gentle and sweet voice
2. Messy .. then he will turn to help pack up the mess
3. can you read?

He's able to sing some songs
1. Clean up Clean up
2. His favourite is Humpty Dumpty
3. Twinkle twinkle little star
4. a chinese song called Tai Yang Gong Gong
5, rain rain go away

He's quite a dear. During bedtime he'd like to "disturb" ger ger when he goes back to sleep .,.. he'd sayang ger ger, kiss him ..... and vice versa.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My #1 and #2

My #1 and #2 are rather different. One is vv cheerful, active, fun-loving, more attention seeking, dun like to draw/write, calls me Mama and the other is more focus, attentive, independent, loves to draw/write and calls me Mummy. The interesting part is, #1 dun like to eat bread's skin and #2 prefers it, he'd give the bread "meat" to his GerGer.

I asked #2, u call mama as Mummy then what do u call Papa? Pappy?#1 replied, didi calls papa "Dad" ...

Things my clever son said

Daddy : Why are u sleeping on my bed? aren't you supposed to be going back to your room?
Quan : Papa, I am only here to ACCOMPANY you ....

Me : Quan, why do you like to take mommy's change from the taxi driver all the time?
Quan : cos i wan to keep the coins for the poor children in China
*I din know how to react except to let him keep the coins

Me : Quan, I though you want to keep the coins for the poor children in China, why are you wanting to put it in the kiddy ride?
Quan : Oh mama, I was just joking about putting the money in.
*I can't possibly scold him cos he did not do anything wrong

My colleague : Quan, are you still drinking from the bottle?
Quan : I dun want to tell you
*I though most kids his age would tell the truth but he chose to divert away from answering the question

#1 told me on the way home that his throat is vv pain. He was vv drama n started crying so I told him to drink more water, it helps. He says "But it won't work!" and kept on crying. I thought it must be serious. Next min, with his eyes brightened up he says "But sweets can work ... mama, can I have some sweets?" *faintz

Stuff about Quan

Quan is doing well at this stage.
He had mastered the art of reading. He can read all by himself quite alot of books and most of the time I'd let him read by himself and only assist him on more difficult words. However, he still wants my interaction. he'll request me to read one page and he reads one page. This is also a great way of participating in what he is doing.

My current task is to get him to read more Chinese books. He can read simple chinese words but not too many.

In terms of language ability, he can speak well and in fact rationalise with you to an extent that you cannot fault him or punish him. It can get challenging at times. He is also vv creative and is capable of making people happy, say nice things to adults.

In terms of height, he's now standing at 1.05cm and 20kg for a 4yo. Very much taller than his peers (at least half a head) and definitely looking much older than them.

Recently, we brought him to Hong Kong for his 4th birthday and he had a great time with Gigi, my best friend's daughter who is of the same age. He cannot stop talking about her and Auntie Dawn and about going back to Hong Kong.

Then he came along to a short trip to Tioman and survived the long bus ride to Malaysia before taking a long ferry ride to Tioman island. I wonder if Kai could make it without fussing too much - we left SG at 7am and reach tioman at 3pm.

Quan is growing up well except that he still dun quite eat vegetables and he can get quite lazy when it comes to writing & coloring. Something I have to put in more efforts on.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My poor Kai

Kai had been hospitalised twice in a span of few weeks.

Once in April when he fell at the MRT station. Though he did not fall on his head but he started vomitting shortly. Within 2 hours, he vomitted 6 times. Then we sent him to KKH and he got admitted for a day.

In May, he had fever for 2 days on top of his flu and cough since he started childcare, I decided to send him to Polyclinic for a checkup and get medicine. Who knows, he got xrayed and found his lung to be infected. Later at nite, I got him admitted to Mt Alvernia. His stay was for 2 days and the bill came up to be almost $2.5K. good thing he had insurance coverage and all these are claimable, otherwise, it'd be such a hole in my pocket. especially , after that there are still followups to go to. Can't emphasis the importance of hospitalisation plan for the kid, esp to buy and cover the deductible.

Through the experience, I found that sometimes hospital might not have the bed type you prefer ... nonetheless, a small kid still need to be in a single room as they may disturb or get disturbed by others if they share a room.

Kai actually got admitted to a 2 bedder but his neighbour was coughing very badly, I was so terrified that I asked to get him transferred to a single room .... ended up I had to upgrade to a deluxe room. The good part of it was they gave me a suite instead - but well, din get to utilise it much as my helper stayed over as I have to work the next day.

Kai is now almost well and I am glad.

He's quite poor thing as he had alot of "accidents" - He fell down on his forehead as I was bringing him home, had a big BALUKU. He fell down at home in the bathroom and chipped his teeth. Afterwhich, he had 2 hospital stay ... poor boy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kai seems to be speaking more and more each day

Kai is learning to speak better each day.
Now he knows how to sing some songs too ...
one of which is the "Row row row your boat" .... he can say row row ... boat.
another of his favourite words now is the Humpty Dumpty ....
He also can repeat words after we tell him what it is. Quite happy with his progress even though he might seemed slow (according to Celyn's PD for YZ).
Well, who cares so long he is healthy and is continuing to grow and progressing.

However, as he starts to be able to articulate his words, he'd also whine more to get what he wants. He'd always say Go ... and then point to the direction he wants to go towards. Other words he'd say are play, eat, milk milk and another word is Scared. Sometimes he watches some children programme with Quan and some of which he finds it scary and he'll say scared. Hope he'd get over this stage soon though.

Not entirely sure if he can speak 20-30 words and at least 10-20 double syllabus words but well ... slower to talk does not mean he can't talk. Who knows he might be the most talkative kid in town next time. Though he might seem a little more quieter than Quan.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

East Coast Jan 2010

Went to East Coast Park over the weekend and the kids love the sea.
Quan used to be the scady cad but has improved since Kai has set good example of being brave for him. Since Didi can do it, so can he! good influence. *Hmm, wonder who'd be the leader in future? Yet to know.

Kai is more adventurous it seems. At least at this juncture. He is quite daring. He'd want to walk into the sea without anyone holding him ..... have to watch him closely of course. As for Quan he'd go to a safe distance and stop. He's good at taking care of Kai too .... sometimes when he feels it's dangerous, he'd pull Kai back to stop him from going into further danger. Not sure if it's a good thing to teach him the D word (dangerous) cos Quan always think that it's dangerous this and tat ... so hubby says it's becos of me that he's not so adventurous. Whereas, Kai is more like hubby cos hubby vv Fan Xin .... even sometimes lets Kai fall into the pool then he pulls him up .... when I watch from a distance i'd have the shutters. Am I too protective?

Some pple say I am ... and I also dote on them too much ... but for me? I dun feel so. Maybe I am blinded by my own actions. I hope not to do them injustice by being too protective and over doting. Somebody tell me if I am - I'd accept that and try to change and be a better mommy for their good.

Kai has started to babble 2 syllabus words - see you ... and at the moment i can't think of any. He can imitate you when u speak ... so I think quite quickly he'd start saying more words. I think his mandarin is quite good too .... he can say Bird - Niao ... Cat - Mao .. and some others. I thought I heard him say Da Bian once (quite clearly) -- both my hubby and I. Not a great word but necesary word? haha.

Recently his favourite is Aumm-tit ... something like tat. We were wondering what is he trying to say ...... My maid says it sounded like ARMPIT ... but it's weird that he is picking such a word when we dun normally use such a word rite?
So yesterday I was thinking hard .... i asked him if he is trying to say Auntie? (my maid) .... then he kept saying Aum-Tit .... Aum-Tit ... then i realised that he might be trying to say Humpty as in Humpty Dumpty. I sing that to him quite often.

Then I asked is it Humpty Dumpty ... and he smiled and said AumTy .... slowly then he said "Dumpty"...... isn't he cute?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Begnning of the new year 2010

Been 2 months. I've not really been bloggin .. more doing facebook nowadays. Uploading pics, posting status .....

Kai is now 13.5kg @ 16 months, growing to be 80+cm. I am glad he is growing well and big but that means I might have to pay for his MRT rides too soon --- barely 2 years old. I think they should go by age as well as height! Not fair to the tall kids.

Kai has learnt to babble quite a fair bit now. Dun know what he is talking but he is making conversations. sounds quite pleasant to the ears. Soon he'll start talking proper words and yes, fight for my attention - which he is now already starting to.

Quan is now 20kg @ 3yr10mths .... he's speaking very well and reading well(i think). Alot of people mistaken him to be 5 years old cos he speaks well. I am glad that I dun have to put in too much efforts in this area .... of course there are other areas like writing, drawing, coloring which he is not been exposed too much with.

He's grown to be sticky to me ... weird .. he's such a big boy now and more sticky to me than Kai. He drinks alot of milk still .... he drank 2 bottles(300ml & 240ml) when he woke briefly cos he heard me coming home frmo my movie "Avatar". This morning drank again when he woke up and one bottle before he slept last nite. 4 bottles in a nite , siong.

The other day, I wanted to sleep early and told maid that. Quan as usual wanted me to read his bedtime stories and came knocking at my door. Maid then told him that papa, mama already sleeping but he still came to my door and said sweetly "Mama ... mama ..... can u read story book for me? ... mama ... mama ..... ". Maid repeat to him that we're asleep but he said "No, mama, you are not sleeping ..... I can hear you coughing .....". Hubby and I burst out laughing. Made me felt guilty to want to have my little time to sleep early. My heart melted and I still went over to read him his books. He slept a happy boy.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quan's witty responses and tricks

Quan is getting more and more witty nowadays.

The EYES vs the MOUTH on TV
Quan : Mama, I want to watch TV ...
Me : Have you finished your dinner?
Quan : No Mama but I want to watch now ...
Me : No Quan, you finish your dinner first.
Quan : Mama .... it's not me but my EYES want to watch ()

So it's not him .. it's the eyes har - Faintz. At this junction, I had to think really hard cos this answer is something really new to me.

Me : ok darling, you ask your MOUTH to tell your EYES that the MOUTH needs to eat first then after dinner, the EYES can watch TV.
Quan : ok mama.

Drinking Milo after dinner
Quan : Mama, I want to drink the packet Milo now ....
Me : Ok but not now, later when I come home
Quan : Mama, I want to drink now! *starts whining and crying
Me : Quan, you just had your dinner, you need to let your tummy rest.
Quan : But mama, I want to drink now! Mama, u say yes? *continues whine and cry.
Me : ok, Quan, what is the time now? you can only drink at 8pm.
Quan : Mama, it's now 8 o'clock.
Me : it's only 7+ , I know the time, is the clock with u? look carefully.
Quan : but Mama, it's really 8 now ... my clock is already 8.

* Thinking really hard how to convince him that it is 7+ only and suddenly it dawn on me that his clock might really be showing 8 and he is not lying cos he learnt to turn the clock to the correct time instead.

Me : Quan, did you do something to the clock?
Quan : Yes mama.
Me : Err, did you turn the clock to 8?
Quan : Yes and it's 8 now.
Me : (*double faint) ... ok, Quan, now look behind and see who's home?

* managed to get home in time with all the delaying tactics so that he dun drink immediately after dinner. Want him to learn on how to wait instead of wanting things instantly.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kai @ 1 year old

Kai had celebrated his 1st birthday few weeks ago. Time flies and can't imagine he is now one years old.
Thing that he can do now.
1) Persons he can call papa, mama, yeye, nainai --> and he knows exactly who he is calling, not just calling ramdomly.

2) His favourite words :-
  • Eat. He'll point to every kind of food and always say "Eat" "Eat" .... sometimes when he is hungry or wants to eat it, he'll also say it. However, he is still eating vv little as a 1 year old. He hardly takes more than 5 spoonful of rice. Very little for a toddler who is now standing at 11kg(or more).
  • Eeeee - He'll see some dirt on the floor and says "Eeeee" cos my #1 says that too.
  • Flower - He can say "Ah-wer" ... cos he cannot pronounce the "F" yet ....
  • Duck, Lion - He likes one of the potrait of animals I hang in his room which one of them is a duck and another lion. He can't really pronounce Lion yet but it has a certain sound that makes it sound like lion when we point to it sometimes.
  • Bear, Ball
3) He can now walk 5-10 steps on his own unassisted.
4) He can attempt to get the ball from below the bed, chair by using his hands, sometimes if he cannot reach, he'll turn around and use his feet to try to kick it out. This is also imitating my #1 who does that
5) He can push open the door and then crawl inside and push close the door.
6) He knows where things are and will try to put it back to where it is suppose to be sometimes. Good memory.
7) He loves to swim and bathe. He loves water basically.
8) He is not afraid of bathing, esp when washing his hair cos I told my maid to let water flow down his face when washing his hair. Learnt this cos my #1 learnt to tilt his head backwards when washing his hair and now is very paranoid when water flows into his eyes. Kai will not have that problem.
10) He's now 11kg @77cm (or more). He feels heavier oredi but haven't measure.
11) Kai has oredi 8 teethh
12) He can nod his head and shake his head if he does not want anymore.
13) Control the ball well, he can throw the ball to the person playing with him
14) Point to the bread on the table and say Eat
15) Likes Trees and flowers
16) He can put things back into the container or into the shape sorter (in the bigger hole).

These are some of the milestones for Kai and he has indeed grown alot since birth. He's a bigger size boy than ZQ. ZQ is a happy go lucky child, very easy to manage and gets over on things very fast. As for Kai, he is slightly more stubborn. Things that he wants, he'd eh eh eh or cry until he gets his way but of course I try not to give in. He's more observant that ZQ and quieter. However, I feel he is more steady and learns before he attempts it and makes mistakes. For ZQ, he's more quick to try things and of course makes lots of mistakes but he learns as well, in a different way.

Birthday Poster I made for Kai.

Friday, August 7, 2009

August Baby Bash

Pic taken by Mommy Kat during the Aug Baby Bash. I did not take any as my camera is spoilt ... videos are uploaded in fb. love this pic, Kai eyes looks so big.

Baby group pic

This is the group pic taken for a baby group photo session. It was quite a fun experience. The only thing is that the other 2 pics are still being processed. Will post up once I get it.

Quan@almost 3.5 yrs old and Kai @ 11+months

Quan is vv cute. Recently Kai is only learning to stand without holding on to things and Quan, being a vv encouraging brother will rush to tell me that little brother is standing vv well.
Once, when I returned home, Quan came to me and said excitedly "Mama, didi can stand very well, hurray!"and he'll say "Well done didi" "Good job Didi".

Then the other day, I was trying to bring a box down from above the wardrobe and I had to climb on my bed to reach it. When I took it down, Quan came to me and paste a sticker on my t-shirt and said "Well done Mama". I wondered why and he said "Because you can stand very well." It's so cute of him. I really like the part that he is a very positive and encouraging kid.

He is now standing 102cm tall and weighing a 17.8kg. A big boy he is. As for Kai, he'll catch up in no time. Kai is already 77cm(or more) at 11kg @ 11 months. A much bigger baby than Quan at his age. Kai is darker, has more hair and is the sunshine beach boy look. Quan is more of the goodie boy next door look.

Regardless of how they look or are, they are still my beloved boys! It's really fun to see them growing up. Enjoy every moment of it.

One of the lastest stunts for Kai is , he'll put his fingers in front of his mouth cos we told him to "Shhhh " ... as he is vv noisy when he wants to get things he likes. He has also learnt to pass things over to Quan - which I feel is a good training for him to learn to share his toys. He's really cute to hand over pieces of toys to the elder brother and he will even say "Nah ...." .... Singlish but well, we get the idea. I told him to say "Here" - hope he catches that.

Kai's reaching his 1 yr mark and I've just realised how time flies. Ahhhh ......

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Standing on paper

I had adopted a new method to punish ZQ when he misbehaves. Instead of physical punishment I had tried out to make him stand on a piece of paper. I learnt this from a friend who saw her friend who did that to his son and the son was so scared that he immediately behaves.

ZQ oso dislikes to be punished that way. Sometimes when we have to do it, he's still quite obedient to stand on the paper while still whining or sobbing away. It kinda work with him. Sometimes I'd threaten to make him stand on paper if he misbehaves and he'll tend to behave a little better. It's a good method as there is no physical punishment and a good way to get the idea across to him. Furthermore, I can always bring out the piece of paper anytime anywhere!

One joke I wanna pen down is that one of the days, I was chiding my #2, Kai that he cannot do certain things like putting certain object into his mouth but Kai as a baby, still continue to do it. Next I heard ZQ telling me jokingly, "Mama, I think Kai Kai wants to stand on paper". I thought it was quite funny. He really understood that standing on paper is a kind of punishment.

On the other hand, he is also able to comprehend that if he does not do the right things, he'd get the punishment.

I am happy cos he will not learn that physical punishment is metted out whenever one misbehaves. At least now there are other methods - standing on paper(taking away freedom) and other times I'd tell him he will not get his bedtime stories which he treasures alot.

Actually I love to read to him as well. It's a time for bonding and small talks - sharing of Qiao Qiao Hua. It's really nice and as he grows, his thoughts are changing as well. I hope I am there throughout his growing stages and not miss any of that. It's a really wonderful experience.

As for Kai, I must admit that he does not enjoy so much of my time as ZQ is demanding most of my waking moments. I have to attend to him most of the time when I am home until he sleeps and by then, Kai would have slept too.

I guess when Kai grows up a little more, he'd be able to demand my attention more. In the meantime, I am still trying to give him the little time I have left.
I always thought that my hubby will have favourtism towards ZQ but it seems that through action, I seem to be giving him more time. That does not mean favourtism but it's because he demands the attention all the time and it's hard to ignore cos he is really persistent and quite cute in his own ways that I don't mind either. Poor Kai is still small and unable to articulate his needs except to make noises to get my attention.

Kai will be so excited and happy to see me - as if he had not seen me for ages. It makes me feel a little guilty at times and glad that he still likes to see me alot.

Both kids are a joy to the family and I must say we've enjoyed them very very much. It's a wonderful thing to have kids .. really. If it's guaranteed that I'd have a girl for my next pregnancy, I'd go for it but well, this is something that no one knows. So well, for now, I am happy with 2 boys.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A frightening experience on extended stay at Bali

After we got settled down at the hotel, we went for a walk at the beach. It was low tide then and we could literally walk on the seabed. the sea level was about ankle length and we saw alot of adventurous people walking out to the seabed towards the sea which was KMs far away.

We started walking, it was not easy as it's not flat, it has slopes and we had to find ground which are not so deep to walk on. We walked and walked for a long time until we were so far away from the shore. Soon, I realised that we were the only 2 tourists, apart from 2 locals who were harvesting some sea urchins. I wanted to get back but hubby says that he wants to go further as he can see dry ground further but I was tired and i felt unsafe since most locals were already off the beach and sun was setting. So i got mad and refused to walk further, but being him, he carried on. Shortly, he returned and i told him that the tide is coming in, I could see that the sea level was rising.

Suddenly I panicked and I was wondering if we could make it in time back to the shore. I am not a good swimmer and the last thing I want to do is die in a sea mishap. We couldn't swim back as there are alot of sea weed on the sea bed and if it rises to the level which enables us to swim. it means the waves would be too strong. Hubby was still calm (or at least appears) ... and i said, let's get back as fast as possible.

We were still trying to walk sideways, finding shallow grounds but I found that the tide was rising quite quickly, I decided just to bash through directly inward towards the shore. Although the sea behind us was still far away but I saw that the water level in front of us was higher than behind us .... which means that it was filling in from the sides and not behind. I was almost suffering a panick attack and told hubby "Let's get in there ASAP" and I did not wait for him and just bashed through towards the shore myself. AFterall, he is much taller than me and a much better swimmer.

It took us quite some time before we reached the shore and I was really so relieved that I made it. At that point the sea level was already half way toward my knee (i think). If it had reached my knee, it'd be vv hard to walk back. I had to raise my leg each step and i was wearing sandals. Not to mention that there were lots of starfish and some sea urchins , etc.

When we reached shore, I spoke to hubby for a minute or two and at the end of the speech and video session, the dry ground we stood on the beach oredi rose to my ankle. It was really fast.

Thank God that we are both safe and sound and one thing I learnt - Trust your own feelings cos we know when we feel danger approaching.

Also, what we see is may not be what it really is. We saw alot of "dry" ground but later we concluded that it is not dry ground but due to the reflection of the sun as it was setting, it created that illusion. Furthermore, it looks safe cos the waves are really far behind us BUT little did we know that the water level is rising higher nearer the beach than further away from the beach.

With this experience, it makes me even more paranoid about sea activities really. But well, as the saying goes, " When we grow older, we become more Kia Si" .. which i totally agree cos i know why. Perhaps it's smarted to be more cautious? rather than taking uncalculated or ignorant risks right?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My recent Bali trip

I had gone for a romantic two of us trip with my hubby in June to one of the famous places call Bali. hhaa. to Singaporeans Bali is so ... so ... so ....... conmmon. To us, yes it is but to people from the other side of the globe, it's a heavenly place. So hubby planned and booked for everything.

Few days before the trip, I had developed high fever and I tried to call up the agent who arrange our trip to check if we could postpone it to a few days later. Afterall H1N1 is getting more serious and I was afraid that I may not pass through the temperature scanning machine and denied to go on board the airplane.

Was feeling a little better and we set off on the planned date.

To our horror, the hotel said that my agent cancelled the booking and we had to start scrambling for another hotel - Continental Hotel at Jimbaran. which we did and paid alot more but I must say it is a really nice hotel. Family friendly, etc .

Then we wanted to book a driver to drive us around for the few days in Bali but the contact I had was not free to take the job ..... nonetheless, i still called him to ask if he has any lobang to recommend. And he sent his cousin who is a vv down to earth nice chap.

Went to quite alot of sight seeing places and enjoyed ourselves alot. Even contemplated to extend another day but due to the admin, missing the kids, we decided to return as planned.

As for this trip, the most memorable experiece (not a vv plesant one) was when we had the extended day and when we tried to walk out to the sea bed cos the tide was so low that we could walk KMs away from the shore!

On our scheduled return date, we reached the airport, bid my nice driver pal Gede goodbye and was about to check in, we were slipped a note to say that the airline had been overbooked. We can choose to return on the next day should we choose to take up an offer to provide free accomodation in a 5 star hotel, be given USD50 each and fly business class home ...

To us, it was like a dream come true ... and still be given shopping $$. Not bad. About missing the kid? suddenly it was not in the decision equation at all. So we took the offer to fly business class and extend our extra day -which we planned to enjoy chilling out at the 5 star hotel since we had been travelling for sightseeing for our entire trip.

Wild Wild Wet

We went to wild wild wet today ie Kai's first time. The last time we visited was months ago and ZQ had been bugging me to bring him there. He always tell me he wants to go Wild Wild Wet but I'd say, "Let mama go get the tickets first ok?" .... and since i am not vv ON .... I never manage to book the weekend slots in time.

This time I am vv lucky again. My collegue could not make it for hers and she had changed the date to the following month and mentioned to me that she cancelled her booking and told me to go book if I am interested. I only booked it 2 days after she told me and it was strangly still available.

So .... we went to Wild Wild wet today.

Kai was put on a float and he seemed to have enjoyed himself very very much!
He was making attempts to swim and smiling alot and he is also not scared of the water going into his eyes or onto his face.

last measured KAI, he was 10.5kg@74cm..... he's still of good weight though he still refuses solid food (ie cereal, porridge) ... so we're thinking of giving him on solid rice grains instead. He also likes bread.

ZQ. He's afraid of water running onto his eyes and on his face. This is due to the fact that my ex-maid bathes him asking him to look up into the ceiling while she tries to wash his head (full of shampoo).

For Kai, i ask my current maid to let water tricle down Kai's face while bathing him.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kai @ 10 months

Kai is now 10 months old and going 1 yr old in 2 months' time. He is now more responsive and he seems to understand things quite well and trying to respond, react to it.

1. We'd read books for him and when he sees the fish in the book, he'd tutrn to the fish tank.
2. He'd "return" the cordless phone to where it belongs. Once, he took the cordless phone from another room and then crawl quickly to my bedroom and attempt to put it back to it's original position, which he can't yet. But the fact that he remembers where it is supposed to be is amazing.
3. He'd get vv excited when I bring him in front of the animal series of paintings which we bought back from Bali.
4. He loves to swim, bathe .... water basically. After bathing, he'd refused to be carried out of the bath room and always struggle and scream when it ends. When we bring him to swim, he is also very excited and likes to splash the water. So unlike ZQ who absolutely hates to have water running over his face and quite scared of it.
5. He is generally the more quiet type as compared to ZQ. But I told hubby that it is becos he cannot really speak as yet. We'll wait and see.

I told papa that Kai is a beachboy sort.

Been 4 months ...

Oh my, time flies and I am oredi feeling older.

Since my maid(L) left for her home country, 4 months had passed and lots happened. She has since came back in Apr and now my life is much better.

In the interim, we employed a new maid but she just could not adapt to us and she cannot fit into our lifestyle. We've learnt to appreciate the old maid(L) more and in fact, we give her alot more off days than agreed. She is happy and so are we. It might be more troublesome on her off days but we've learnt to be self-sufficient during her absence.

Now about ZQ. He's now in N1 and has grown alot. He's a really sweet boy and is protective towards my #2, Kai. Once, ZQ was sleeping and we found it hard to get him to wake up. THe moment he heard Kai crying, he immediately jumped off his bed and said "Mama, didi's crying" and was vv uneasy and disturbed. Shows that he cares about his didi's well being, which is a nice thing.

ZQ has now learnt my hp number (almost), he just misses out 1 number. Good thing or not, he will call me after he returns from school and say "mama, which station are u?" "Mama, don't come back to late ok?". Imagine he is telling me not to come back too late from work and in years to come, I will be telling him "Son, please don't come back too late after school" - Irony isn't. haha.

We're trying to speak more mandarin with him so he can learn it better. Afterall, in school, they speak English all the time and it's hard not to master it. We had also stopped letting him watch TV cos he gets hooked and all you see is a little boy staring at the TV and even if u wave your hands in front of him, he is oblivious. To do him good, we told him that the TV is spoilt (it really was) .... and after it was fixed, we did not inform him.

Recently we did turn it on to watch our own home made videos but he did not seem to want to watch TV anymore. It's a good thing cos he now spends more time with his little brother and also he gets to sleep early.

The newest thing we've done is to get him to go to bed at 8pm. It works wonderfully cos if he gets to sleep by 830-9pm, I get all the time free to myself after that. Comparing to previous when he sleeps 10-11pm, I would be a walking zombie after that.

ZQ has also started to eat more vege and once, he even told my maid to give him more vege cos mama told him to eat more vege for nice "Da Bian".

Brushing teeth. He now has mastered how to brush his own teeth.
Diaper. He is still on diaper for the nite and cos he drinks loads of milk before he sleeps, I dare not try to toilet train him for the nite at the moement.
Milk. He is still drinking a big bottle before sleep and sometimes in the middle of the nite and another feed in the morning when he wakes up.

His current favourite song is Faye Wong's "Ming Yue Ji Shi You" and since his memory is good, sometimes i sing the wrong lyrics, he'd correct me "Mama ...... no .... it's wrong ..... ".

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Maidless for 2 weeks oredi

It's been 2 weeks since our maid went back home. Good news is that she is coming back. I contacted her and asked if she is coming back, etc ... and yes, she is. This is good news cos it's tough to get a new maid and all the familarisation again, building trust ...e tc, it's alot of time and efforts.

During these 2 weeks, hubby and I had our ups and downs, fair share of WW3 but so far, we managed without any external help. I am on leave for 2 weeks to take care of #2 as I have my extended maternity leave to clear, which I have to clear it by Aug. Knowing that I am unable to find the time anymore to clear it, this is a great opportunity and afterall I do need the leave. It's a blessing that I delivered after the cut off date of 17 Aug to qualify for the new baby bonus scheme. It's a real blessing as I had initially wanted to go for my c-sect on 08082008.

Still trying to get my rest and hopefully when maid comes back, I can have more sleep. Work is getting heavier as well and there are alot of new learning opportunities, which I really like.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Maid had left for home ...

Yesterday, we sent my maid to the airport as she requested to go home due to her husband's illness. It was rather sad cos I have to take over that role, yet we are going to wait for her for 1 week to inform us if she is coming back at all.

In the initial days since last week, after she informed us that she needs to go back, she changed her tune from not sure if she is coming back to "Yes Sir, I will come back". She even checked with us what is ZQ's birthday so she can be back in time to celebrate with him.

Have not heard from her yet but by now, she should have reached her home.
Hope to hear from her soon .... at least an sms.

For me, I had been busy since we returned from the airport.
Wash up the kids, fed them and put them to sleep, expressing milk, washing bottles, pump, shower, dinner, shower #1, fed #2, pump again, put #1 to sleep , fed #2 again. busy all the until almost 2am.

By 4am, #1 asked for milk. At 5am, #2 cried for milk. At 6am, expressing BM.

Wonder how long this kind of lifestyle gonna last.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ZQ and his ways of expression

Last evening, ZQ was playing alot on his bed and refusing to sleep.
At one point, he told me "Mama, I think i have too much grapes" so i had to ask him if he is having a tummy ache and if he wants to Da Bian. He then said he does.
Instead of just telling me direct that he wants to pass motion, he will use such phrases and hoping we can understand him.

During times when he wants to vomit, he'll say "Mama., I think I have too much milk." so we'll to guess what does too much milk mean.

Since our maid is going home today, i had been training and telling ZQ that auntie is going back to see his children. ZQ also knows that she is going home to see her "YeYe, Nai Nai, GuGu, Ge Ge, Di Di" ... cos that's the list he knows about family.

I told him "Auntie is going home to see her children" so mama will be the one to bathe you when he was asking me to bathe him .. next he said "Auntie, you go home ok?" cos he wants me to bathe him instead. Good thing he is not too sticky to the maid else i'd have a hard time. I hope he settles well with the idea of maid not being around.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Maidless days coming, too soon to be true

Last week, I noticed that maid looked abit distressed, unhappy, abnormal so I asked her what happened. She then told me that her husband had a stroke and now is unconscious in the hospital, in other words, in a coma.

Next, she said she wanted to go back home. So I woke hubby up and told him. Hubby then suggested to quickly send her home and get a temporary replacement maid until she comes back. However, there is no such thing as replacement maid for a month or two.

That was the start of processing her return and thinking of how to manage without her. Worst, is the finding of a new maid. It's a torturous process.

We asked my maid if she can confirm when she is returning back so we can get her a 2 way ticket and she can go back to settle her family. She said she is not sure as the in laws side might not release her and had demanded that she returns to take care of her husband.

We offered her a few solutions ... cos if she were to go back this time. Coming back to SG without any employer means she has to pay off another 6 months of salary to the agency. Or even if we reprocess her with a new contract, the costs would be $1000+.

She did consider and her final decision was to go home as she said that her SIL would be vv angry and not let her see her family if she does not go home ... and she says if she no longer have a family, what's the point of her working so hard in Singapore. Well, she's got a valid concern there. Also, she said if she were to take a 2 way ticket and she is unable to come back, then it's unfair to us. She really sounds so considerate and genuine.

However, after i spoke to her agent, I did doubt if her story is true as many maids had come up with unbelievable stories which often turns out to be untrue. This saddens singapore employers and sometimes questions the authencity of the story. Of course there is also the story from the agent which I hope not to be true - hopefully this is not a self deceiving thought. Afterall, we had been so good to her and do not see any reason of her not wainting to work for us. Furthermore, with her current situation, she would need employment to feed her family.

Hubby says that perhaps the agent make up a story to say that my maid is not coming back so she can earn the comission from us for introducing another maid. perhaps.

Nontheless for now, we just have to based on trust that she is indeed coming back if she can.

Had given her a week to reply to us once she is back before I process a new maid if she is not coming back. SO in the meantime, I had taken leave and gonna assume the role of a maid ... only that mine is temporary and i can choose not to do certain things and take short cuts.

Hope i will do fine.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brought ZQ to school today myself

Been a long time since I brought ZQ to school cos i put him on school van since I delivered. It's been 5 months. ZQ is easily adaptable .. and so far he has coped well with being in a school van.

Today, the auntie's not picking ZQ up and I have to send him to childcare myself. I kinda miss those times. While i was pregnant, I had to bring ZQ to and fro from childcare and back. It was tough as I was pregnant and ZQ is an active toddler but the time spent with him is very worthwhile.

When i entered the childcare, i see the familiar faces of the teachers which made me feel very warm and welcomed. It's been months since i stepped in ..... think i should try to go more often to visit.

The Chinese teacher also commented that ZQ is vv cute and adorable. She said that he goes around to wish everyone he sees "Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nian Kuai Le" ...

ZQ really knows how to please adults. He's really funny and fun to be with. Can imagine how's he like when he grows older - sure he's gonna charm alot of gals.

Few days ago when we had quite alot of frens at my place and it was already time for ZQ to sleep, he'd come out of the room and say "Papa, I wan to kiss you goodnite". Then he kissed hubby, then came to me and did the same thing. Not just that, he'd go to everyone (all our guests) and kiss everyone on the cheek. AFterwhich , he went inside and not long later, he came out again.

This time, he came with new idea that he wants to "hug papa goodnite" and hugs papa, myself and all the guests got a hug from him as well. It was quite nice to see him so friendly and hugging and kissing everyone .... papa was so proud.

However, knowing this son of mine, I think he must be thinking of how to stay in the living room longer ... cos if he hugs just hubby and myself, he'd have to get back to his room vv fast. So by hugging everyone, he gets more time to stay in the living room.

Other time he'd say "Oh, i forgot!" ... that he'd forget this and that and he must do this and that.
He ah, is such a GENG king .. like my hubby.

Friday, January 30, 2009

First attempt to start Kai on FM - failed

Realised yesterday that I had only 2 packets of FBM left .... and it's an emergency call to start Kai on FM since my daily production of BM is not really meeting his needs anymore.

He is currently drinking 180ml*7 feeds (sometimes 8 feeds). That would mean I have to produce 1.26 litres - 1.44 litres of breastmilk daily. My per pump is about 300-400 ml and I pump 4 times per day - 6+am, 12+pm, 8+pm and 12+am ... that means only about 1-1.2 litres per day.

Today I instructed my maid to give Kai 150ml of breastmilk and 30ml of FM. Later she called me and told me that Kai threw up 1 hour after he had taken the milk. Then by 7+, it was feed time again, she fed him and in the middle of the feed, he threw up again.

Being an anxious mother, i quickly rush down the his PD at Rivervale Mall to take a queue number. She told me the waiting time is 1-2 hours. I bought some stuff at NTUC and checked again and she said , "another hour". So i went home with ZQ.

Kai woke up from his sleep and appeared with more energy and can even smile. So in the end I did not bring him to the PD but I have to monitor him at nite. So far, he had taken his last feed at 11pm and has now fallen asleep. Hopefully he doesn't throw up anymore.

Tomorrow i am gonna try the milk again and see if he throws up .... if he does, he's prob not suitable for it and i have to switch formula.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things ZQ says and his progress

Whenever I want to punish ZQ for not listening to my instructions, he'll say
"Mama, don't beat too hard ok?"
"Mama, don't beat my hand, beat my backside ok?"
When I tried to pull down his pants to beat his backside, he says "Mama, cannot pull down the pants". cos he knows it's not too painful to beat the buttock.

Other constant words he says
"Mama, don't eat everything" or "Mama, you eat everything!"
"Mama, don't turn off my computer"
"Mama, i haven't listen to the Thomas the train music yet"
"Mama, i've off the TV, too much TV for me"

I think he's good memory. He can sing quite a few of the Thomas the train song and he knows and remembers the lyrics ie. 2468 song, the brave one, gone fishing and Hip hip Hurray. Even for myself I cannot memorise the lyrics, he can and he'll even teach me how to sing the song. His ability to handle tunes is vv good.

For reading of story books, he seems to remember the story and normally i'll start with a few words and he will continue the story. It's quite fun to hear him read the story. I don't think he knows how to read the words but it's just route learning which he mastered himself.

Sometimes we'd skip a page and read on but he'll tell me, "Mama, not this page ..... , it's wrong!"

He's talking alot now and it's fun having him around. He's vv creative and imaginitive.
I must say that he really knows how to please the adults.
He's also helpful and want to help in everything - perhaps it's fun for him to do the adult thing ie When i am pumping milk, he'd want to help me fix up the pump. Basically i think he's vv keen to learn alot of things which is a good trait.

I hope to learn to guide him in the right way so he'll be a good person in future. Being vv creative, he can really get his way around and even negotiating with us. I have to be careful not to let him develop in the wrong direction. One thing which I don;t like is that he likes to whine and even go into tears alot to get his way.

He's now 34 months and going 3 in march. Weighing @ 16kg @ 97cm(i think).

Greeting CNY

Sun is CNY and we'll be off work until next Wed ... a good 4 days break, not exactly long though.
For myself, I am still nursing the cough. Meds dun seem to be working but I can't take any meds unless it's safe for breastfeeding. Kai has also caught the bug from either ZQ or myself and he's developed phelgm too. Hope he recovers soon.

Kai is now 5 months @ a heafty 9 kg @ 70cm. Alot of people says that their babies are only hitting 10kg at almost a year old. I wonder how big Kai will grow to .. but he's indeed a big baby. He's vv tall and relatively easy to manage baby. He drinks vv well 180ml @ 7-8 feeds a day and is a vv happy baby. He can KO and sleep within 1-2 minutes and don't fuss too much. Thank God that he's as easy as ZQ - i am glad.

Comparing to ZQ, Kai is much taller, bigger and darker. I call him TALL, DARK and HANDSOME ... while ZQ is FAIR, more of the guai guai look, though he's rather cheeky. One sunny boy and the other, a BAI MA WANG ZI. kekekke.

ALot of people says Kai looks more like me which I do agree. Slightly more than ZQ.
ZQ is a duplicate of hubby while Kai has bigger eyes, more hair but not as deep dimples as ZQ. They're both good looking in their own ways .... haha, beauty in the eyes of the beholder. Of course, they both look fantastic in my eyes.

We tend to feel those who look similar to ourselves as more beautiful, that's why sometimes people find their partners who look like themselves (self love) ... and end up people says FU QI XIANG. No wonder hubby thinks ZQ is better looking than Kai though more people thinks Kai is more good looking .. kekkeke. I think Kai is more good looking cos he's more of my genes! Nonetheless, he looks vv much like ZQ when he was a baby. Hope not another duplicate of hubby ..... at least have some of my good genes rite?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Almost everyone in the family is down

ZQ had just recovered from his flu and I caught it from him, now passed on to Kai and my helper.

I had been coughing for almost 2 weeks and it does not seem to get any better. Seen the doctor for 3 times already and given MC to rest at home.

Now Kai has also started coughing and having a runny nose .... good thing he is still ok and able to drink and sleep , though he naps relatively short.

CNY is just round the corner and if I don't get well, it means I don't get to eat all the goodies :(
With this cough, I had also lost my voice .... hopefully it will get better soon. All of us.

ZQ has progressed to new heights ....

ZQ had progressed to new heights .... *sigh ... not the good stuff.

Yesterday, ZQ told me that he's a good boy and finished his rice. Normally he'd not come tell me cos he'd never finish it so I was rather surprised, pleasantly surprised that he did. He even showed me his rice bowl. As i looked into his bowl, it was clean and in fact too clean to be true. It had been washed! I was wondering why would anyone wash his bowl? I didn't , my hubby will not and why would my maid wash it and pass it back to him?

So I suspected that he threw away the remaining portions of his rice into the sink in the living room toilet. I then complained to daddy and asked him to discipline his son ..... Hubby, heard how "clever" his son is in avoiding punishment cos he told ZQ that if ZQ does not finish his rice, he's get the ruler punishment. Being afraid of punishment, ZQ had come up with a lie to avoid this punishment which is wrong of course.

Hubby, was rather amused by the fact that his son can be so creative to pour away the rice and even washed the bowl. He felt that his son had inherited this "creative" genes from him and refused to punish him.

I am not sure if this is good or bad but definitely, I have to discipline ZQ, otherwise, he might think it's ok to do this again in future. Have not confirmed which is the best method but for now, still have to discipline.